3. Meet Us We'd shake your hand if we could

With a primary focus on mobile gaming, Strapped to a Meteor (AKA, us in 3rd person) took off (how ironic) in January of 2011. We design, code, market and share about our experiences from our main office located in Seattle, WA. If you aren’t a solicitor, come say hi!

Peter (“Sn4ke”)

My Job: Producer/business
Superpower: Blinks so fast it is invisible to the human eye
Let’s Chat: Twitter Email

Question: If Abe Lincoln and George Washington got into a fight, who’d win?

Answer: Man, this picture makes me look so depressed. I’m sorry, what did you say? (<< his actual response) Tou Yia Xiong (Um…”Two”)

My Job: Design/animation
Hobby: Pretend like I’m drawing
Social Security Number: 864-78-2197

Question: Your iPhone falls in the toilet…what do you do?

Answer: Take it like a man and put it in rice to soak up the liquid.

Alex (“Bro”)

My Job: Design/drink RedBull
Fact: Doesn’t know what Twitter is

Question: You have the choice to live with a gorilla who knows sign language or a dog who sings lullabies, which do you choose?

Answer: The dog. Monkeys freak me out.

Sergey (“Surg”)

My Job: Sound/web
Word: Fist
Let’s Chat: Twitter

Questions: Would you rather have 500 tarantulas or 1000 crickets crawling around your room?

Answer: Either way, I’d fight them all!

Michael (“Michael”)

My Job: Support/IT Manager
Talent: Taking pictures…sideways
Let’s Chat: Twitter

Question: Pen or pencil?

Answer: Typing.

Dzhim (“Jimbo”)

My Job: Intern (AKA, everything)
Weakness: Constantly mistaking virtual reality with the real world.
Let’s Chat: Twitter

Question: How many gas stations are in the United States?

Answer: Hmm, 800? (<< WTF?!) Roland (“Rollin”)

My Job: Manager/sound
Weapon: Keytar
Let’s Chat: Twitter Email

Question: Would you rather shower and never wash your clothes or never shower but have clean clothes?

Answer: Shower. Either way you’re clothes are going to smell like ass so you might as well be clean.

The Office

My Job: Keep everyone focused

This is our place of business! We bring it down with fooseball, ping pong, air hockey and lot’s of video games. In all honestly though, these things only collect dust. We work hard…I swear!