Las Vegas

Although this is under the “I Am Bored” category, I am not completely bored. I have been in Las Vegas, Nevada for about six days now and am flying back in a couple of days.

This is not what I want to discuss in this post though, I want to talk about Seattle and coffee.

Throughout this whole week I have been up and down “the strip” (Las Vegas blvd), and probably will be there for the rest of my visit. It’s been 100 degrees pretty much every day and it is simply overwhelming to see all of the different people, cultures, buildings, and history over here.

As a Washingtonian, anything above 70 degrees is shocking, let alone 100+ (I’m melting over here!). So during my travels I have been on a mission to find a good coffee joint to sit and blog at, and finally I have found it. As I walked into the South Point casino while everyone is gambling, etc I see a beautiful sign with dull red letters that reads “Seattle’s Best Coffee”. My heart literally jumped and I sprinted over to the little coffee shop. I proceeded to order a simple Americano, and sure enough, Seattle’s best right here in Las Vegas.

After about three cups and many random glares (probably as to why I was ordering so much coffee) I realized that this hobby I love is not really normal in too many places. In Seattle it is quite normal to catch someone on their third cup of coffee vigorously typing away on their iPad, but in Vegas seeing someone drink coffee (other than for a hangover) is just our of the norm.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love Seattle, I love Washington, I love the Northwest, and I love coffee. Maybe it’s a part of my blood and DNA now, if so, I proudly carry it. If you’re ever in Seattle, you better give us a visit!


  1. Posted on August 12, 2011 at 5:56 pm by Mark

    I believe liquor is the drink of choice in sin city.

  2. Posted on March 3, 2012 at 12:12 am by Peter Babiy

    Egh, some may say lol.