“DEO” Update

Our current project, “DEO” is being delayed a little bit. The Beta stage is taking longer than we thought it would due to some technical errors/coding issues.

But, no worries because while we are delaying it a little we are also spicing up the game and working on a lot of legen… (wait for it)… DARY ideas and designs to add on to it. So, not only are we fixing issues to make the game run/look smoother and cleaner, but we are also implementing cool concepts and little design ideas that we had earlier. You know, things like… how the grass is facing, if the grass should move, transitions, and all of that boring stuff that makes a huge difference.

Look forward to seeing some more updates about the status and completion of “DEO” soon.

Thank you for understanding! I will leave you with an over-used phrase here at the office…

“Half of a kick-ass game is better than a half-assed whole”


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